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Prevailing-Torque Bearing Nut

The prevailing torque bearing nuts are a type of lock nut that features a prevailing torque to assist in preventing self-loosening. The metal prevailing torque locknuts get the feature of prevailing torque when the threads are distorted at the top of the nut.

The prevailing torque in the locknuts works on three variations such as localized plastic deformation, interference fit, and continuous sliding. In localized plastic deformation, some of the starting threads of the nut need to meet the mating part before the prevailing torque process begins. In the case of all-metal locknuts, these threads are deflected plastically so that there are different points of interference with the threads of the mating part.

In interference fit, the threads of prevailing torque lock nut have negative clearance. This means neither there is contact nor deflection with the mating part. In continuous sliding, when the nut is installed the thread surfaces of the locknut and bolt come in contact as they slide across each other.

When high temperatures, high torque, high vibration, corrosion, and tensile strength are involved in any process, industries rely on all metal prevailing torque nuts.